Feb 122016

Head in this (extended) weekend and take advantage of our Presidents’ Weekend sale. All winter & snow gear is on clearance, and we are wheeling and dealing! Check the flyer below for all the details or hit us up if need be.

Presidents weekend sale at Vertical Urge in Raleigh

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Jan 242016

Roads are starting to clear and we are returning to normal business hours. So that means we will be here from 12 til 6 today, be safe out there.

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Jan 232016

Due to the ice and snow we are going to open on a limited basis again today. We will be here from 12pm to 4pm, so if you need anything swing by and say what’s up.

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Jan 222016

UPDATE – closed up at 4pm. Check back here in the morning for updates on business Saturday. Be Safe.

For those wondering,we will be open for limited hours today – from 11am until sometime late in the afternoon. If you have a snowboard tune or rentals to pick up, need some warm gear, wanna hang, etc., we will be here. Please be safe out there!

Stay tuned for updates as the situation progresses!

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