Apr 292016

We’ve missed everyone the last month. It’s weird having a retail store for over 20 years, closing down while we were moving it, and not seeing all the familiar faces we are used to seeing all the time…. Anyhow, you may have seen these in your inbox (if not, what are you waiting for and sign up), but here are a few coupons good for this weekend. Thanks.

New Shop Coupons

No, you don’t need to waste ink printing the coupons, just tell us you got ’em.

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Apr 292016

Alright, all inspections are passed with flying colors and we are ready to roll in our brand-new location! While we are still getting the shop fully merchandised and receiving brand-new inventory, we are open and ready for you to roll in and say what’s up. Put quite simply, we’ve missed you! Our new spot is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from our old spot, in the Peachtree Market shopping center. Our sign guys haven’t finished our new sign yet, but just look for suite #5 in the middle of the courtyard. Peep the map below for the details on the location and check your inboxes for a welcome back email later this afternoon with some great deals for all our patient and loyal customers!

New Vertical location at Peachtree Market open now!

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Apr 232016

Let’s talk about our phone issues…. Ok, so Windstream Communications sucks. If you’re ever looking for commercial phone service, do not use them…. Long story short, they are not releasing our phone numbers (which we’ve had for 20 years…) to our new provider, so at least for the time being we have a new number. It’s (919) 803-0954. Also, if you’ve left us a voicemail on the old number and are wondering why we never got back to you, Windstream can’t give us access to our voicemail either…. Yeah, lame.

So now, the fun stuff. We passed all our inspections (first try, too) and we are getting the store fully prepped for opening early this upcoming week. In the meantime, the pop-up temporary shop is still here, and we are doing 15% off any skate special order from our main distributor all weekend. Order by Sunday night, get 15% off, and get your product by Wednesday. It’s a no-brainer. New counter at Vertical Urge


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Apr 042016

As we continue to rummage through storage in preparation for the new location we are finding some random items and are throwing them up on eBay. Keep checking, as the listing are constantly updated. We’d love to see someone local grab these, so jump on them if you’re interested.


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Mar 312016

Our small pop-up shop is up and running. The address is 7400 Six Forks Road Suite 4 (in the Peachtree Market center, right next door to where our new location will be), and our hours will be Monday through Friday 1pm to 7pm, Saturday 12pm to 7pm, and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. We are basically stocking skate goods, some snow product, and some apparel – just trying to make sure everyone is taken care of before our new store is 100% up and running. You can also contact us here and we’ll get right back to you.

Temporary pop up location open now

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