Aug 182014

It was a fun summer. Sure, it rained a lot but there was lots of good weather in between for skating and hanging out. But alas, it’s almost over and it’s time to go back to school. As always, we have you covered with great Back To School Sale. From shoes & clothing, to socks, backpacks, and watches – the selection is great and the savings are even better. Peep the deals on the flyer below, and head in and check us out today!

Back to school sale in progress at Vertical Urge

**all sales above are for our in-store customers; as noted above, quickstrike shoe releases are excluded, of course

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Aug 012014

So the good ol’ state quietly repealed Tax Free Weekend, huh? Bummer. Well, not really for our customers. All weekend long (Friday August 1st thru Sunday August 3rd) we will be paying 100% of the Sales Tax on any and every purchase you make here! There are no restrictions on product, either. And that’s in addition to the back to school deals we will have going on. Check the flyer below, and we hope to see everyone out this weekend, as we start the march towards school starting again……

Vertical Urge Tax Free Weekend Sale!

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Jun 222014

Thank You Skateboarding!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt as well as those who came out and grabbed some gear at the shop. It was the best Go Skateboarding Day we’ve had in a while. Don’t forget though, every day is go skateboarding day!

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Jun 202014

UPDATE: Here’s a few hints on the spots for tomorrow. Click the links to scan the video’s below, and happy hunting:

  • Spot #1 is from Brett’s part in Mediocris
  • Spot #2 is from Thomas’s part in TFHB
  • Spot #3 is from Kent’s part in Mediocris
  • Spot #4 is from Ron’s part in TFHB
  • Spot #5 is from Daniel’s part in TFHB
  • Spot #6 is from Josh’s part in TFHB

We will be posting short video’s and/or screengrab’s from the exact spots where the gear is stashed in the order above tomorrow. And don’t forget to tag #vuGSD2014 in your Insta pic with your gear!

After years of doing the same old crap at Project 58 for Go Skateboarding Day, we’ve decided to do something fun again. We will be having a scavenger hunt based on spots from our videos, Mediocris and The Fun Has Begun. Throughout the day on Saturday, we will post a quick clip and/or pic of a spot from one of the videos on Instagram, Twitter, and our website. At that spot will be a gift from one of our sponsors. You’ll then tag us in a photo on instagram with a photo of the prize you scored and with the hashtag #VUGSD2014. As an added bonus, anyone who can win three of more of the challenges will get a $300 gift card to the shop. So start studying up on the video’s, and we will post more details as the week progresses. Good luck!

Go Skateboarding Day Sale & Scavenger Hunt at Vertical Urge

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Jun 132014

Let’s make sure to get that rad dad in your life taken care of. To make sure the big day is memorable, we are putting some items on sale in categories Dad’s are sure to love. All weekend long (Friday, June 13th thru Sunday, June 15th) we are offering all sunglasses & watches at 20% off, all complete cruisers & longboards at 10% off, and all remaining snowboard product at an additional 10% off already reduced prices. Check the flyer below, then head in and let us help you get the old man hooked up this weekend!

Fathers Day Sale at Vertical Urge

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